Precious Metals Buying


What we buy....

•Jewelry (Any Condition)
•Class Rings (Why keep it in a box?)
•Bullion (Coins, Rounds, Bars, Ingots)
•Dental Gold
•Cuff Links
•Solid Gold Watches
•Gold Nuggets
•Gold Coins (old and new)
•Gold Filled Items

•Jewelry (Any Condition)
•Bullion (Coins, Rounds, Bars, Ingots)
•90% Silver U.S. Coins (Minted before 1965)
•40% Silver U.S. Coins (Kennedy Halves Minted 1965 to 1970)
•Sterling Silver Flatware
•Sterling Silver Candlesticks
•Sterling Silver Bowls, candy dishes, etc

•Jewelry (Any Condition, Must Be Stamped)
•Bullion (Coins, Rounds, Bars, Ingots)

What We Don't Buy?
•Gold Plated
•Silver Plated Items

IMPORTANT NOTE: Gold, Platinum and Silver jewelry are not made of pure precious metals.
These metals are combined with other metals (alloyed) for appearance and strength.
10K is approximately 41% Gold
14K is about 58% Gold
18K is roughly 75% Gold
24K is pure Gold (99.9%)
Platinum jewelry is usually 90% or 95%
Sterling Silver is typically 92% Silver
The exact percentages vary depending on where and when the jewelry was made.

How Do I Sell my Gold and Silver to Tri-City Gold Buyers?
Selling your gold, silver, or platinum to Tri-City Gold Buyers is simple. Just gather it all up and bring it in to Tri-City Gold Buyers! No appointment required! We will test and weigh your items on the spot. If you have things you are not sure about, we can determine their metal content with simple on-site tests. We will test your items and make an offer at no cost or obligation to you.

If you accept our offer, we pay you cash immediately, and the transaction is complete. No mailing, checks, or waiting! We pay you more cash than any other gold or jewelry buyer in the area! Don't fall for those rip-off "mail-in and wait" places!